The anger of the journalists working in Purbadhala is very high

Saddam Hussein: The real mystery of the dispute has started coming out in the Netrokona Purbadhala journalist. In this way, the agitated anger among journalists is intensifying. In the review of the past days of the East-East Press Club, unknown stories of Upazilabis came out. Syndicate journalism, due to the expiry of the committee expired, the power of using the same clique and group for a long time, the influence of power using press club, deprived of the post of true journalists, anti-constitutional activities. For a long time, journalists working in  Purbadhala remained engaged in rage. This is the sequence of continuous distraction on July 17, in the journalist conference of Fisheries Office of Purbadhala upazila.

It is learned that only 5 journalists were present at the press conference in the chair of the upazila fisheries office organized by the Fisheries officer Sutpa Bhattacharya in the chair of the Upazila Parishad Melanay on the occasion of National Fisheries Week-019 on Wednesday (July 17th). They are - Presidium Press Club President Shafiqul Alam Shaheen, General Secretary Shafiquzzaman Shafiq, today's's Editor Syed Arifuzzaman, Jazeidin correspondent of the district. Zayzul Islam, daily today's Bangladesh representative said. Shakhawat Hossain Shimul

There are 35/40 journalists working in different newspapers and online news portals including Purbhala Press Club, Purbadhala Upazila Press Club, Photo Journalists Association, Journalist Forum. But how did the Fisheries Office press conference with just 5 journalists? Local journalists were shocked by the indifferent and responsible behavior of the authorities.

When asked about the reason for the upazila fisheries officer Sutpa Bhattacharya, he said that the press club president Shafiqul Alam Shaheen was asked to attend some journalists. I was also surprised to see the presence of only 5 journalists. Since the conference with journalists was necessary then the presence of journalists was more.

Press Club President Shafiqul Alam Shaheen said, "We have invited 5 journalists, so we have 5 participants." Press Club general secretary Shafiquzzaman said that he is holding a press conference with his favorite 5 journalists while talking about 5 people.

Talking to some journalists, it is known that President Shafiqul Alam Shahin himself has been misusing the power and continued his activities. Press Club's invitation to participate in his favorite people, and many times the idea of ​​being part of it sometimes.

Purbhala Upazila Press Club President Nurul Islam said, "I did not receive any invitation to prepare for the National Fisheries Week-2013." Shafiqul Islam Shahin did not tell me anything about this. He expressed regret and said that no one in my organization has been invited. Although I could have been informed of my family due to the pre-condition, I could also be informed on the phone.

Journalists Zulfikar Ali Shaheen, Ismael Hossain Khokan, Golam Mostafa, Noman Shahriar, Emdadul Islam, Saddam Hussein, Al Monsur, Mostak Ahmed Khan, Anwar Hossain, Sheikh Sadi Masum said that they do not know anything.

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